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pilates and mindfulness


When you are away on a retreat health is an important aspect of the week. Below are 5 reasons why going on a Pilates and Mindfulness retreat could be the best thing you give yourself to replenish, renew and restore!


Daily Pilates makes a huge difference to our bodies, especially when done outside around the pool! It strengthens, stretches and re aligns us, giving a sense of harmony within that shows on the outside. You will feel more flexible, your posture will change for the better, you will be toned and have a deeper understanding of Pilates and of your own body by the end of the week. We make sure that each class builds in balance, concentration, breathing and letting go as part of the hour so that you will feel 10 years younger at the end of the week!


Daily Mindfulness brings about release from our constant auto-pilot thoughts that can have negative affects on our mind and body in the form of stress, anxiety, self-criticism and rumination. Instead, by paying attention to the moments of our day we live a fuller life and build pathways in the mind to help us enjoy the beauty that is always around us, if only we step out of auto-pilot and take a look. It is a life-changing method of finding peace in this busy and sometimes difficult world we live in. There are many ways of bringing mindfulness into the day, by meditation and also through mindful walking, sitting, lying, eating, movement and even mindful communication (really being there and listening to another).


Walking in nature has so many benefits to the whole aspect of a person. When you stop and breath and take in a view across the sea or mountains it literally de-stresses the mind and heals the brain. And that breath you are taking is clean mountain air, free of pollutants, to clear the lungs and boost the immune system. Our village retreat nestles into the rocks amid the olive trees and wild flowers. The walking there is spectacular with views across the Ionian islands and the mountain behind. Walking is also a fantastic form of exercise for the whole body and gets the heart pumping without causing stress on the system.


Daily life-giving water infused with lemon, mint and ginger improves digestion, alkalises our bodies, helps with weight loss and clears the skin. We always have this available on retreats for people to drink throughout the day. It can also be made into a tea with gentle heating. It is not only very thirst quenching but tastes delicious!

When the temperatures are high and we have walked and laughed and worked-out and started listening to our bodies, infused water is just the thing to detox, replenish and invigorate.


A relaxed atmosphere where you do not have to take care of a thing. From the moment you arrive at the airport to the last wave goodbye the whole week is organised for your absolute enjoyment. All the transport, delicious fresh and healthy food, accommodation and flow of the day is there already as a basis. The only decisions you will have to make are whether to try out Rolfing or have a reflexology treatment instead. Maybe the Paddleboarding or just enjoy the beach and which starter to choose when in a beautiful taverna by the sea! For many people who lead busy lives, rushing around and taking care of others or working long days every week this is a real stress-releaser. Literally a long slow breath out and a letting go of the need to be doing and indulge in some being instead.

A retreat can make a huge difference to a person in a wonderfully holistic way. You may be surprised how much you can get from a week given to yourself, to let go of daily life struggles and heal your mind, body and spirit.

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