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What can you expect when you go on a retreat and why should you go on one with me?

I have been running retreats in Italy, Greece and Portugal for the last three years and really love my job. There is something very satisfying about organising a trip for people that will allow them to absolutely relax, get fit and learn about Mindfulness. And there are so many other benefits to going on a retreat too....

When we step out of our comfort zone we often learn more. Become more awake. Take chances. But on a retreat there is still the group dynamic. Meals are eaten together in delightful restaurants by the ocean or up in the mountains with glorious views. Time to be alone or with others and maybe make new friends. It is a perfect choice for singles but also for couples or people who are happy to go away without their other half. Sometimes the thought of going away by ourselves and eating alone in restaurants can be daunting but on a retreat you get the best of both worlds.

The retreats I run are not about abstaining but about enjoying life to the full. Why not have a massage outside in the shade. Spoil yourself and connect back to the wisdom within you by giving time to the things that make you feel happy. When you are happy you can open up more and in turn give more to others too.

The food we eat is delicious, home made and fresh. It is healthy but never boring. Lots of fish, salads and local specialities. The Mediterranean diet has been proven to be the best in the world.

Our day trips are to well chosen local attractions like beaches, waterfalls, villages and boat trips. We all want to learn a little about the beautiful place we are staying in and immerse ourselves in tradition.

The accommodation is one of the most important parts of a successful retreat and we have found the most beautiful villas in our chosen locations. Each villa has its own pool and gardens. The interiors are luxurious with rooms to relax in, glorious bathrooms and balconies.

Staying in a big villa allows people to have their own space if they want to.

Gorgeous beds, and delightful bedding, beautiful interior decorations.

There is structure to the day and we generally start with a Pilates class but if you do not want to join in on a specific day then the pressure to do so is not there. But if you do... well then you are going to get fit, flexible and fantastic. Classes are carried out around the pool and I am there to make sure that you are doing your moves correctly to get the most out of each exercise.

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword these days. It has many benefits for our busy modern life.

Taking a week out of a busy life to immerse yourself in daily Mindfulness produces huge benefits. I have seen people literally open up like butterflies once they can step away from routine and give some time to themselves. With guided meditations, taken outside in nature, results are extraordinary and are there for keeps.

Finally, I am passionate about organising and running retreats that offer a life-changing and affirming experience to every person that joins me. I do not run back to back weeks and people return year after year because they love the ambience and results!

On my website are reviews, photos and descriptions.

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