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Below is our general itinerary for the week. The format and days may be changed due to weather conditions, availability of therapists etc.




12.00 - Arrive at Preveza airport to be met and taken to your accommodation. If your arrival time is different from the time of the Easyjet flight from Gatwick on the website, please tell me and we can see what can be arranged, as there are many options.

13.00 - Dropped off at the accommodation where you can settle into your room.

14.00 – Meet for lunch, get to know each other and welcome meeting.

15.00 – Time for yourself to unpack, swim, take a walk.

17.30 – Gathering around the pool for a talk about Mindfulness, followed by mindful movement, stretching and breathing to release all the tension from the flight. Please bring a sarong/towel.

18.30 – Time to have showers, change and get ready for dinner.

20.00 – Dinner at the villa.




7.30 – Snack and drink if needed before Pilates/yoga class.

8.00 – Pilates around the pool at the villa. Please bring water and a small towel.

9.00 – Breakfast. There will be food stocked in your fridge the day before your arrival.

10.30 – Trip to the Nidri Waterfalls. We will drive to the parking area and walk up to the waterfalls which takes around 25 minutes. 

11.45 – Arrive at waterfalls where you can go swimming if you want. Bring a camera too as there are some beautiful natural sights.

13.30 – Lunch back in the villa

14.30 – Free afternoon for sunbathing, swimming etc.

17.30 – Half an hour of Pilates followed by a Body scan meditation. Please bring a pillow, your sarong/towel as this is a lying down meditation. There will be a time to talk afterwards, as there will be with every meditation.

19.30 – Time to get ready for the evening and relax.

20.30 – BBQ.




7.30 – Snack and drink before class.

8.00 – Pilates. 

9.00 – Breakfast.

10.30 – Day at the beach to enjoy the tranquil, warm, crystal clear sea.

13.00 – Lunch on a beach

16.00 – Back to the villa

17.30 – Half an hour of Pilates followed by a Sitting meditation. Please wear comfortable clothes that are loose around the middle. 

20.00 – Dinner 




7.30 – Snack or drink before class

8.00 – Pilates.

9.00 – Breakfast.

10.00 – Day spend relaxing around the pool, walking, reflexology etc.

13.00 – Lunch at the villa

17.30 – Mindful Pilates for half an hour followed by the Mountain meditation (a sitting meditation).

20.00 - Dinner at a local taverna




7.30 – Snack or drink before class.

8.00 – Pilates.

9.00 – Breakfast.

10.00 – Massage day either at the villa or in Nidri village nearby. There is also the chance to walk around Nidri and buy souvenirs, watch the boats, learn paddleboarding, kayaking etc.

13.00 – Lunch at the villa.

14.00 – More massage and time in Nidri village, sunbathing/swimming in the sea or staying at the villa and enjoying the pool.

16.30 – lift back up to the village.

17.30 – Pilates for half an hour followed by a walking meditation around the area. Please wear comfortable shoes and a hat for the shade.

20.00 – Dinner at the villa.




7.30 – Snack or drink before class.

8.00 – Pilates/yoga.

9.00 – Breakfast.

10.30 – Walk to the local village of Katouna.

13.00 – Lunch at the villa.

14.00 – Time at the pool or option of walk or lift to a local beach for swimming and sunbathing, coming back at 16.30.

17.30 – Half an hour of Pilates followed by a lying meditation. Please bring a cushion and sarong.

20.00 – Dinner.



7.30 – Snack or drink.

8.00 – Pilates.

9.00 – Breakfast.

10.00 – Day spent at the villa around the pool, walking, relaxing.

13.00 – Lunch.

14.00 – More time to relax around the pool and pack for the next days travel.

17.30 – Mindful Pilates followed by a Gratitude Meditation. This will be a sitting meditation.

20.00 – Dinner at a taverna by the sea.



8.00 – Breakfast in your villa.

9.00 – Picked up and taken to the airport.

10.00 – Arrival at airport and check-in.

12.05 – Flying back to the UK if booked on the Easyjet flight on the website. Please contact me if you have a different flight and we will see what we can do. There are a couple of nice tavernas at the airport to relax in if your flight is at a later time.