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The Food

Delicious Greek Food

The Greek-style Mediterranean food will all be freshly cooked with the emphasis on salads, fish and local foods, using seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as possible. 



Is taken in the comfort of your own accommodation and will be fruits, yoghurt, fresh bread, eggs, juice etc.



Will be shared together at the villa or taken with us on our excursions, usually salads, fruits, delicious Greek cheese pies etc. 



Is shared together at the villa and there will be a different menu every night, including fresh fish, Greek lentils and green beans, a bbq and there will always be a fresh tasty salad!


Coffee, tea and snacks

There will always be a supply of Lavazza coffee, English and herbal teas, lemon-ginger-mint water, fruit and nuts available. There is the option of wine and beer with meals as extra. 











What is on the menu?

We are offering a healthy week with delicious foods, Greek salads and traditional meals. If you are vegetarian, vegan or have a specific dietary requirement please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. A vegetarian menu fits in very well with the weeks' dishes, adding halloumi, feta, eggs and sweet potatoes to replace the meat and fish is very easy to do. We make a delicious fakes (Greek lentils) soup one evening with feta and salad and tasty Greek green beans with Halloumi on another night.


Enjoying food together

We have found that the food is of great importance to a persons enjoyment on a retreat. Taste is one of the senses after all and we work very hard to make sure it is as tasty, nutritious and always fresh. There is nothing like the taste of a sun-ripened tomato to know you are in a Mediterranean country. Adding traditional Greek dishes really adds to the whole ambience of a week on the beautiful island of Lefkada.


On a diet!

If you would like to lose weight or change a bad eating habit this may be the time to do it. By eating high protein and tasty food, without sugars, preservatives or additives, cooked from scratch by our team for you to enjoy, is an excellent way to jump-start a new relationship to food.

Include mindful eating - really noticing the food you eat, how it tastes, looks, smells - to change bad habits can give you satisfaction and a feeling of comfort from your food without looking for more. 

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