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I think that I learned things on this retreat that I have yet to realise. Lindy created a safe space for us to open up and share very personal experiences. She's fun, kind and very thoughtful and I loved that she adapted recipes to suit my preferences. 

I had a lovely start to a journey of self-discovery on this retreat and I loved every moment. Just wish it didn't have to end so soon.

Thank you Lindyx

Ruby, September 2023

Coming on this retreat has been the most compassionate gift of headspace for myself. 

Everything has been expertly considered to create a tranquil, blissful experience with space for both fun as a group & powerful persoal growth.

Lindy is the ideal retreat hostess & I feel very blessed to have found my way here!

I'm returning home refreshed & re-energised & probably fitter.

Soraya, September 2023

Dear Lindy,

Having been home a couple of weeks and reflected on our trip I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful week it was. It was so well organised, varied and relaxing and I know you put a lot of work into making it a special week for us all. 

I still feel an inner peace and when I get the monkey brain remember the breathing and mindfulness!

I learnt so much about myself and can see a clearer path forward now. 

Thank you for making it such a wonderful week - the memories will always be with me. 

Mandy, May 2022


What a beautiful week we've just had. Thank you Lindy for putting such thought into creating the perfect balance of exercise, rest, fun, inspiration... I've come home feeling less frazzled, more energised. I can definitely recommend this retreat

Alison 2019

Thank you Lindy for all your encouragement and enthusiasm, a very warm and friendly lady. Beautiful place, beautiful people, 5 stars all round.

Penny 2019

My retreat with Lindy was a wonderful experience!
We were looked after so well, in a gorgeous villa and became friends so quickly due to the caring and compassionate atmosphere that Lindy provided, with her thoughtful Pilates and meditation sessions.
I would highly recommend her retreats to anyone.
N. Willis May 2019

This was my second retreat and just as wonderful as the first. The villa was beautiful, with such an amazing view - it was almost unreal!

Lindy worked so hard to make everyone's week just what they wanted it to be and judging by how happy a group we were I'd say her efforts paid off.

The Pilates and yoga each day was the perfect accompaniment to lazing by the pool. I felt strong, stretched and much more flexible by the end of the week......I can't recommend this retreat enough!

Catherine 2019

Thank you so much Lindy for a wonderful week on Lefkada. I would definitely recommend your retreat to anyone wanting to relax and give themselves some time to recharge. 

I particularly enjoyed the Pilates everyday, we were so lucky to have both you and Esmee as excellent’s inspired me to take more classes at home.

I didn’t know anyone when I arrived, but you made me so welcome, and soon we were all laughing and getting on well. What a great bunch of people!

I am already thinking about the next one. 

Cath P. September 2018


Still feeling the affects of our beautiful pilates and mindfulness retreat in Lefkada Greece. Thank you Lindy Vosper for amazing Pilates , delicious healthy food, stunning views and accommodation, Sailing, focusing on the positives and helping us to relax with mindfulness � and allowing us to have a beer � We also met some lovely friends for life xxx � Teresa and Maxine xxx June 2018

Had the most wonderful time in Greece with Lindy. She’s a wonderful teacher who brings the group together when she’s teaching regardless of ability. The mindfulness was new to me and I loved it. I came away feeling that I had learnt a lot and grown as a person. The Village where we stayed is beautiful and has breathtaking views of the bay and the islands and doing pilates and mindfulness around the pool felt like a huge treat. Lindy couldn’t have done enough for us. I will definitely be going back for more.

Anna S. June 2018


What a wonderful experience - sun, sea and plenty of fun.
Whether dining in or out, we were treated to delicious food in beautiful settings and the locals were terrific fun, warm and welcoming - all made such a difference...
Really good company, all very much missed - especially the capers we got up to on the various trips; each different, very well chosen we felt and full of good memories.
Dreaming of the fantastic views from the villas - to wake up to the morning sunrise, jump in the pool, then stroll a few feet to our morning Pilates session in the warmth of the sun - beautiful.....
Lindy, you are a fabulous teacher, terrific host and the mindfulness sessions were so healing and enlightening...
Wow, we did not want to leave!
You have truly hit a winner and, absolutely, we will be back next year - we simply cannot wait!

All of our love and deepest thanks"
Mike and Serena xxx  September 2016


Last September I spent a lovely week on the Greek Retreat enjoying daily Pilates and mindfulness sessions. I felt a new women and returned home feeling refreshed and happy. It was good fun with love & laughter as well 👍😊

Marion H. September 2016

Thank you once again for a wonderful holiday. I didn't think anything could top Italy but this location was just fabulous.
There was a perfect mix of exercise, time for relaxation and trips out to experience the beautiful island of Lefkas . The highlight for me was the paddleboarding cruise which was such a perfect day.

As ever you made it fun whilst ensuring that everyone in the group was having a good time.
The food was delicious whether eating at the villas or in the restaurants you chose. I've just tried to make a Greek salad for lunch but it didn't taste quite the same sitting indoors in rainy Danehill!!

See you on Tuesday.
Love Susan September 2016                                                                      


Thank you Lindy for a fun, relaxing and healthy retreat in lovely Lefkas.  A perfect setting with fabulous views, provided the ideal backdrop to a real get-away-from-it-all holiday. Great company, movement, and meditation, what's not to like?  A lot of preparation had clearly gone into making this a great experience, and it certainly paid off. 

 J. Leivers September 2016

This retreat exceeded my expectations and I came home feeling happy,healthy and thoroughly energised. The morning Pilates classes were wonderful beneath a blue sky and the sound of cicadas. I felt that I learned far more than in my weekly class because it became a habit and I started to really understand how the stretches should feel. In the late afternoon we had a Mindfulness session (lying, sitting, or walking) which was very calming. I had already been on two 8-week courses so I knew what to expect, but doing the classes in such gorgeous surroundings added so much to my experience.


The food was really important during the week and since it was my first Italian trip I was excited to try new things. Breads and pizzas, olive oil, cold meats, pasta (orecchiette is the local specialty), plenty of healthy vegetable dishes, fruit, cakes, and a killer tiramisu - all eaten outside in the shade. To counteract the potential weight gain I swam 5000 metres over the course of the week (choosing to do this before our morning Pilates class). It worked!


My down time was spent sunbathing and reading and I cannot recommend the pool area more highly. There is plenty of space and the pool itself is large (12m), the perfect temperature, and ideal for swimming lengths.

Lindy is a joy to be around and made the trip ridiculously fun. She exudes loveliness. She is thoughtful, considerate, energetic and talented. I cannot imagine a more interesting, bright and fascinating teacher. To spend 7 days with her was a real treat. She worked extremely hard (often behind the scenes) to ensure that each and every one of us enjoyed the classes, the food, the Masseria, and the trips out to Alberabello and Polignano a Mare.


It is a trip that I will never forget and makes me smile whenever I 
think about it.

Thank you Lindy for a truly amazing week!

Emma x June 2015


Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed your Pilates / Mindfulness retreat in Italy. It was a perfect venue , run by lovely people, in the middle of the wonderful Italian countryside. Being the only man in a group of great people I was made to feel very welcome by everyone. Doing Mindfulness for the first time, made me experience life in a totally different way. Which was quite an eyeopener, very interesting. If you do another retreat I would recommend it to anyone.                                  

Thank you Peter xx June 2014

I just wanted to say that I am so glad I came to Puglia. I had an amazing week and could not have enjoyed it more. You obviously worked hard to arrange everything; a lovely relaxing Masseria with Julia, Alex and Cassie who could not have done more for us and a flexible programme with a perfect balance of exercise, relaxing, trips out and mindfulness.

I initially thought that pilates every day would be too much but it wasn’t and I feel much fitter for it, especially as we were able to be outside every day and not in a studio. Also I was very sceptical about ‘mindfulness’ but some of the things that you said ( eg, not to feel guilty about having time for yourself and to give yourself permission to let go of things) made me think about things differently. Hopefully I can use some of the techniques to be more relaxed.

Also, from the moment we all met up at Gatwick, I knew that we would all get on and this really made the week - all the talking about anything and everything and laughter. It seems very quiet now that I am home and have told Michael that we need to socialize more!

Thank you again and see you on Thursday when I will bore everyone with photos,

Frances x June 2014


The Pilates and Mindfulness Retreat with Lindy was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. It left me with a feeling of contentedness  I never even realised existed. 

The guided Mindfulness sessions taught me how to enjoy life in its purest form.Lindy is a fantastic Pilates teacher and is very good at instructing a whole class yet able to cooperate with each individuals specific needs. 

spending a week on one of her retreats. She also takes care reccomendI highly in picking out accommodation. I have never been more at home in a hotel in my entire life! The staff were super friendly, caring and kind. The memories made on this trip to Italy will always bring a smile to my face and brighen up my day. I am blessed that I will have them for the rest of my days

N. Parvin.  June 2014

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