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Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk
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Retreat in Greece
Pilates and Wellness Retreat in Gree
Mindfulness Retreat in Greece
Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk
Pilates retreat
Pilates Retreat
Pilates and Wellness Retreat in Gree
Pilates and |Mindfulness
Mindfulness Retreat in Greece
Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk

    Pilates and Mindfulness Retreat in Greece

  23rd - 30th May 2021

If you feel like treating yourself to a fully-inclusive Pilates and Mindfulness Retreat in a luxurious villa, with stunning views, up in the hills and enveloped by the sound of nature, an endless supply of exquisite Greek food, the option of other therapies, with like-minded lovely people, then this is the holiday for you! 


We have been running exclusive, small group retreats for seven years now and our record for making happy, relaxed guests with life-changing results is 100%. Take a look below for photos that tell the story and reviews that speak of the results!


















The cost of the retreat

£900 For a shared or double room occupancy per person

£1100 For a single room occupancy

To reserve a place there is a £200 non-refundable deposit. The total amount will need to be paid by 23rd April 2021.

       Amazing value for a bespoke, luxurious and fully inclusive retreat







What is included in the retreat:

  • Accommodation for 7 nights in a villa above the fishing village of Lygia.

  • Daily Pilates around the pool. This is for all levels of ability including beginner.

  • Daily Mindfulness Meditation as the sun drops and the air cools. Learn what mindfulness is all about and how to use it in your own life to relieve stress and anxiety.

  • Play the Miracle Choice Game and gain insight and move forward into your dreams and goals.

  • Start a daily gratitude journal and join a group discussion throughout the week.

  • Delicious freshly prepared and cooked meals: Breakfast/brunch, lunch/snacks, dinner, drinks

  • Walks to the beach below and the nearby mountain village of Katouna.

  • Beach towels supplied. 

  • Complimentary snacks and drinks.

  • Return transfer from Preveza Airport to the villas, depending on times.


What is not included in the retreat: 

  • International flights to Preveza airport in Greece.

  • Transfer if times/dates do not coincide with the arranged flights.

  • Two meals out  in a local restaurant - optional

  • Any extras like massage, reflexology and Kalliopes natural beauty products.

  • Any alcoholic beverages, ice creams etc. 

  • Paddleboarding/sailing/windsurfing/motorboat hire.


This is a fully-inclusive retreat and you can turn up and pay nothing more. It is up to you whether you eat out, have the therapies or join in the day trips and there is no pressure either way.





















Flight Information

Flights are available at the moment and all information on what is needed for Covid safety precautions are on the Easyjet website. These flights are based on UK flights to Preveza, Greece from Gatwick but there are other choices on Skyscanner with Jet2 and British Airways. If flights are cancelled by the airline you will be reimbursed by Easyjet. Please check Jet2 and British Airways for their cancellation policies.


Going out

09.10am Gatwick to Preveza on the 23rd May 2021

Coming back

15.20pm Preveza to Gatwick on the 30th May 2021

These times are based on flights


The transfer time from the airport to the village is around 35 minutes. There is a leeway of 1 hour on either side of these times for different flight arrivals to join the transfer.

If your flight does not fit in with these times, taxis are available from the airport for around 40 euros one way.

Please contact us if you need more information on travel arrangements. We are happy to help.


Places to find and compare flights are:  -  for the best prices and comparisons  -  are good for last minute deals -  sometimes sells unused flights at bargain prices

































































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Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk
Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk

Infinity pool

Pilates Retreat in Greece
Pilates Retreat in Greece

Workout outside

Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk
Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk

Crystal clear sea

Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk
Pilates And Wellness Retreat On Lefk

Infinity pool

Wellness Retreat in Greece