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Pilates and Mindfulness by the pool
Pilates and Mindfulness villa garden



This Pilates and Mindfulness retreat is from the 23rd to 30th September 2017 in the beautiful Algarve area of Portugal. 


The day will start with Pilates around the swimming pool or in the garden under the trees.  In the early evening there will be a guided meditation, followed by dinner either at the villa or in a restaurant nearby. 

There is room at the  villa for 8/10 people, allowing for a warm and comfortable stay with space to connect and reflect. Join us and experience a life-changing week  away from daily strife. 

Boat excursion to caves

Take a  boat trip to see the caves along the coast of the Algarve

Tennis Club

A few minutes walk from the villa is the Carvoiero Tennis Club where you can  get your blood flowing and work on your backhand!

The beach

There are many beautiful beaches close to the villa that we will visit.



  • Accommodation for 7 nights in Casa Mill Reef (shared room or £120 extra for single occupancy)

  • Daily hour of Pilates

  • Daily Mindfulness

  • All meals and drinks except for three nights out at restaurants

  • Transport to all excursions included

  • Return transfer from Faro Airport to the retreat (at specific times)



  • Flights to Faro airport

  • Two to three meals in restaurants

  • Any extra therapies. Massage, facials etc

  • Costs of excursions expenses

  • Alcoholic  beverages



£850 shared accommodation - NOW £750

£970 single accommodation - NOW £870


A non-refundable deposit of £200 secures your place

The total amount will need to be paid by August 31st 2017. 



7.30 am   Drink and snack if needed.

8.00am Morning Pilates either under the trees or around the pool (this will be on a beginner/intermediate level, with modifications depending on your ability) for an hour.

9.00am   Breakfast.

10.00am  Time around the pool, walking or cycling in the local area or a day trip.

1.00pm   Lunch either at the villa or out and about.

2.00pm   Afternoon spent around the pool, reading, sun bathing or on one of the day trips.

5.00pm   A late afternoon  guided Mindfulness Meditation that will be different every day. 

8.00pm   Dinner either around the big table at the villa or out at a local restaurant. There will also be a BBQ on at least one night.


The itinerary is flexible and it is up to you if you want to join in on the Pilates, meditation or day trips that day or spend your time doing something else. 



The retreat will be run in a relaxed way to allow people to really chill out, experience Pilates and Mindfulness, re charge their batteries, get fit and see some  of the Algarve.


The morning Pilates classes take an hour and are for all levels of training (even beginner). All exercises can be modified and each day we will work on the body to lengthen, strengthen and add flexibility. Daily exercise, using beautifully constructed moves, makes a big difference and by the end of the week you will see real change in posture, alignment and  have a core to be proud of!


 The mindfulness relaxations and meditations will be taken outside (weather permitting) and are different every day. There will be walking, sitting, lying etc and although last year was the first time most of our guests had tried meditation it was a favourite part of the retreat for them. Mindfulness studies have found that results include; lowered blood pressure, reduction in stress and positive neuro-plasticity changes in the brain!



The rooms have been lovingly decorated, retaining the character of the building which is huge with lots of space to relax in. The bathrooms are modern and the place is spotlessly clean. The retreat has been organised with the knowledge that the accommodation and the places we will visit, including the well chosen restaurants, are beautiful, special, value for money and will create a spectacular vacation. 



There are many daily flights to Faro and the villa is around 35 minutes from the airport. To join the transfer to the villa arrive before 5.00pm as our flight out there arrives at 15.55pm on the 23rd. Our flight back to the UK is at 16.20pm. Both are with easyJet. There are inexpensive shuttles from the airport to the village if the times do not fit your flights.

Please contact me below for more details and to book your place on the retreat. I am very happy to answer any questions you may have:






















The Pilates retreat was a wonderful week of exercise and  relaxation under a perfect Italian blue sky. We were looked after extremely well by Julia and Alex and Lindy made the whole experience fun. I can't wait for next year.

              Susan Hollyman.


Dear Lindy,

I just wanted to say that I am so glad I came to Puglia. I had an amazing week and could not have enjoyed it more. You obviously worked hard to arrange everything; a lovely relaxing Masseria with Julia, Alex and Cassie who could not have done more for us and a flexible programme with a perfect balance of exercise, relaxing, trips out and mindfulness.

I initially thought that pilates every day would be too much but it wasn’t and I feel much fitter for it, especially as we were able to be outside every day and not in a studio. Also I was very sceptical about ‘mindfulness’ but some of the things that you said ( eg, not to feel guilty about having time for yourself and to give yourself permission to let go of things) made me think about things differently. Hopefully I can use some of the techniques to be more relaxed.

Also, from the moment we all met up at Gatwick, I knew that we would all get on and this really made the week - all the talking about anything and everything and laughter. It seems very quiet now that I am home and have told Michael that we need to socialize more!

Thank you again and see you on Thursday when I will bore everyone with photos,

Frances x


Dear Lindy,

Just a few lines to say how much I enjoyed your Pilates / Mindfulness retreat in Italy.

It was a perfect venue , run by lovely people.In the middle of the wonderful Italian countryside.

Being the only man in a group of great people I was made to feel very welcome by everyone. Doing Mindfulness for the first time, made me experience life in a totally different way. Which was quite an eyeopener, very interesting. 

If you do another retreat I would recommend it to anyone. 

                                                                     Thank you Peter x

        Pilates and Mindfulness Retreat in Italy (June 2016)

This retreat exceeded my expectations and I came home feeling happy,healthy and thoroughly energised. The morning Pilates classes were wonderful beneath a blue sky and the sound of cicadas. I felt that I learned far more than in my weekly class because it became a habit and I started to really understand how the stretches should feel. In the late afternoon we had a Mindfulness session (lying, sitting, or walking) which was very calming. I had already been on two 8-week courses so I 
knew what to expect, but doing the classes in such gorgeous surroundings added so much to my experience.

The food was really important during the week and since it was my first Italian trip I was excited to try new things. Breads and pizzas, olive oil, cold meats, pasta (orecchiette is the local specialty), plenty of healthy vegetable dishes, fruit, cakes, and a killer tiramisu - all eaten outside in the shade. To counteract the potential weight gain I swam 5000 metres over the course of the week (choosing to do this before our morning Pilates class). It worked!

My down time was spent sunbathing and reading and I cannot recommend the pool area more highly. There is plenty of space and the pool itself is large (12m), the perfect temperature, and ideal for swimming lengths.

Lindy is a joy to be around and made the trip ridiculously fun. She exudes loveliness. She is thoughtful, considerate, energetic and talented. I cannot imagine a more interesting, bright and fascinating teacher. To spend 7 days with her was a real treat. She worked extremely hard (often behind the scenes) to ensure that each and every one of us enjoyed the classes, the food, the Masseria, and the trips out to Alberabello and Polignano a Mare.

It is a trip that I will never forget and makes me smile whenever I 
think about it.

Thank you Lindy for a truly amazing week!

Emma x



Pilates and Mindfulness beach retreat
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