Start date: 7th January 2020


Danehill Memorial Hall, Danehill RH17 7HS



Community Centre, Forest Row RH18 5DZ



 Jubilee Centre, Charlwoods Road, East Grinstead RH19 2HL



2020 Term dates are as follows:


Start: 7th January 

End: 3rd April

Half term is the week beginning 17th February (no classes that week).


The first half of the term is 5 weeks long.

The second half of the term is 6 weeks long.

Last day of the 2019 classes is 20th December. 





Classes cost £9 per person and are paid for in half term blocks, depending on the length of the term. Full payment is expected at the beginning of the half term. For regular clients, there is now the option of pay on the day £12 if more than 2/3 classes will be missed during a half of the term.


Payment can be made by cheques, cash or bank transfer.

My bank details are:


Ms LL Vosper

Account number: 01826921

Sort code: 60 07 17


1-1s and 2-1s  in a client’s home are priced from £50 per hour.



How the classes are run:


To confirm and secure your own place in a chosen class, payment has to be made at the term beginning. Terms are run in conjunction with the school term times. If you cannot make a certain class from your paid course, you may with prior arrangement attend another class during that half term. Any missed classes cannot be carried over to the next term and money is non-refundable. If you are new to Pilates and starting during the term you only pay for the remaining classes.

Some classes may carry on in the holidays if there are enough people interested in coming along to cover the cost of the venue hire.



Frequently asked questions:


What do I wear in the classes?

It is preferable if you can wear fitted gym clothing (t-shirt and leggings) and either bare feet or socks to Pilates classes. It is very difficult to see posture and alignment under a baggy top but you also do not want to wear anything too tight either. Bring a zip-up sweatshirt for warmth too.


What if I miss a class during a half term of paid classes?

If you miss a class you can message me and request to join another class within that half of the term. If there is space within the class you will be able to join without extra payment. 


What if I feel an exercise is wrong for my body or is hurting?

Within the classes I promote freedom of speech! If you feel an exercise is wrong or uncomfortable please tell me. Every body in the room is different and by talking about a problem an answer can be found, either in the modification of an exercise or changing to another one that does not cause pain or uncomfortableness. 


I am feeling unwell or injured myself this week?

If you are feeling unwell or recovering from a bad cold, it is often better to give yourself time to build up energy again before coming back to a class.

If you have injured yourself or exacerbated a long-term condition please tell me at the beginning of the class and check with your doctor/osteopath as to whether you should give the area a rest from exercise before coming back to classes beforehand.





If you are interested in joining one of my classes please send me a message and I will get straight back to you. 










"I would thoroughly recommend this Pilates Class with Lindy Grant. I have attended these classes for five years and found Lindy an instructive and competent teacher who explains in an easy way ,and with a good sense of humour and fun, how to do the exercises.I also like the fact that she never stops learning herself from classes that she attends for other Pilates teachers, which keeps a freshness to our own classes and keeps us on our toes. I try not to miss a week as I enjoy them so much and feel that they are so beneficial to my well-being!"Jean M.

" I am a self employed carpenter joiner and two years ago I suffered a prolapsed disc which meant a period of time off work. My GP suggested I try Pilates and I have been attending Lindy's classes ever since. The classes have strengthened my back and I've not suffered a repeat prolapse since, which is great for business! The classes are fun and friendly and Lindy ensures the exercises are tailored to your individual needs." M. Beall

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