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Covid Policy


What can I expect in terms of safety measures on the trip?

We have a comprehensive Covid Prevention system in place at our villa. As a minimum you can expect:

  1. Excellent hygiene standards: All areas will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival.. 

  2. Plenty of space in all classes: Where-ever possible classes will take place outside. If this is not possible will be set up observing the 2-metre rule between mats. We may need to split classes if we can’t fit all the mats in the room and we will let you know about this in advance. 

  3. Fresh air: We always offer plenty of outdoor activities offering you plenty of post lockdown time out in the wilderness. 

  4. Fit to travel: Please make sure you are fit to travel and self isolate if you have been in contact with someone with Coronavirus. 

  5. Covid testing: You may be asked to complete a PCR test and present a negative test result before travelling – depending on the location. We will also ask you to confirm you will follow your home country rules about testing/quarantine on return. 

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