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Pilates retreat in Greece
Ionian View Pool
Ionian View upstairs balcony
Ionian View lounge
Ionian View kitchen
Ionian View bathroom
Ionian View pool
Ionian View entrance
Ionian View outside area
Pretty Stone House garden view
Maria's House lounge
Maria's House kitchen
Maria's House outdoor shower
Maria's House balcony
Maria's House exterior
Maria's House bathroom
Pretty Stone House bedroom
Pretty Stone House kitchen
Pretty Stone House bathroom
Pretty Stone House veranda


prices below are without the discount available on the retreat page!

ilios double room.jpg

Single/Double Occupancy

A double bedroom with personal bathroom

5 nights

Single Occupancy         £800 per person

Double Occupancy       £600 per person

7 nights 

Single Occupancy         £950 per person

Double Occupancy       £750 per person

£200 deposit secures your room. 

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ilios club twin room,.jpg

Shared Occupancy

A shared room with shared bathroom

5 Nights

Shared room           £800 per person

7 Nights

Shared room           £600 per person

£200 deposit secures your room. 

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Pilates retreat in Greece

Ionian View Twin Room

Double/Shared Occupancy       £950 per person

(Room rate per person when sharing the room)

£200 deposit secures this room.

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File 06-01-2018, 18 08 33.jpeg

Maria's House Bedroom

Upstairs bedroom with double bed and shared bathroom 

Shared Occupancy         £950  per  person      

Double Occupancy       £950 per person

£200 deposit secures your room. 

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This beautiful stone house is large and has so many little spots to sit and watch the view, either inside or outside. There is a bedroom and another area downstairs where another bed (with curtains around). 

File 30-10-2017, 13 12 39_edited.jpg

Maria's House 4-Poster bed

Downstairs bedroom area with double bed and shared bathroom 

Shared Occupancy         £850 per person

Double Occupancy       £850 per person

£200 deposit secures your room. 

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pilates retreat

Pretty Stone House

Whole open plan house with bathroom and kitchen area
Single occupancy        £1150 per person
Double occupancy       £950 per person
£200 deposit secures your room.​
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                                                   VILLA INFORMATION


All of these accommodations are in villas in the village of Neochori on the island of Lefkas in Greece. 


Ionian View.

This is a stunning villa with a swimming pool, sunbeds and all the modern conveniences found in a luxury holiday home. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a toilet, kitchen and lounge area. There is an upstairs balcony leading off from the master bedroom.

The villa is on the outskirts of the village of Neochori but only a few minutes away from the other accommodations. 


Maria's House.

This is a beautiful stone house in the village with lovely gardens to relax in. When you book a room in the house you also have use of the pool at Ionian View which is a two-minute walk away.

Maria's House has one large bedroom downstairs and another four-poster double bed with curtains in the downstairs area, so it is more open. The house has been lovingly decorated with many luxurious additions.

There is a shared bathroom and a large kitchen/dining/lounge area upstairs with outdoor patio and gardens.


Pretty Stone House.

This villa is set in its own garden and has beautiful views of the mountains and sea. When booking you also have full use of the swimming pool at Ionian View a few minutes walk away. This is an open plan house with bathroom and lovely veranda outside and is suitable for a couple or a single person as it has one double bed. Lovely private space.




Please take a look at the photos at the top to see what is offered in the villas. Click on each one for descriptions of the rooms and outside area and then scroll through them. Each photo has a relevant name to the rooms offered above.



By clicking on the room above that you would like to stay in and paying the £200 deposit, you reserve that room for the week. The deposit is non-refundable. 



The village itself is very lovely with stone houses, three churches, two springs and even an old schoolhouse where we can have BBQs and maybe listen to live music. Walking around the village and surrounding area is awe-inspiring with views at every turn. It is a very special place and has a real community feel with both Greeks and ex-pats living in the village. There are around 15 homes and you are never more than five minutes away from the centre. No shops, just birds, trees and fresh mountain air!


If you have any questions about the accommodation before booking please contact me either by email or my mobile below.


The photo below shows one of the many exquisite views of the islands from the village!



Pilates Greek retreat
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